Heavenly Father, I come to You as You are the Great Physician. You have created me in Your Image. I have come to see that I am being attacked in my spirit, and mind by evil spirits who plot my downfall. I declare that I am a child of the Living God, Jesus Christ. I take full accountability for my life, and for the sins of my ancestors. I ask forgiveness on behalf of the generations back to the 3rd, 4th, and even back to the 10th if necessary. I break the stronghold of mental illness that has been passed on through the family line. It stops with me.

Heavenly Father, I break and server all inherited powers of depression and confusion, that rob me of my peace and joy in Christ. I break and server all evil spirits works of robbing me of the full fruits of the Holy Spirit. I take the Hammer of Almighty God, according to Jer.23: 28, and smash the stronghold of depression, and mental breakdown in the generations. I break the power of emotional breakdown also in the generations.

I break the cycle of depression, and declare in the Name of Jesus Christ, that instead of this, I will grow to a fullness of the Joy of the Holy Spirit. Where joy is not released, I release by faith, the Fruit of the Spirit of Joy to overcome the depressed personality. I release the fruit of Love, Joy, Peace, to all my emotions and to the mind in the Fullness of the Holy Spirit.

I choose to come out of all moodiness, mood swings, frustration, and confusion. I cancel the root cause of rejection and rebellion that have caused instability of my mind, will and emotions to become habit forming. I apply the Sword of the Spirit to server the cords of contamination, and cleanse me with the Blood of Christ. Heavenly Father, I bring all the stronghold of grief to You, and ask that You show me where the ground exists. ( pause and seek the leading of the Holy Spirit ). I choose to take accountability for it all, and surrender all incidents to the cleansing Blood of Christ.

All depression linked with anger and grief I surrender to the Holy Spirit, and I give Him permission to search me to uncover any hidden ground, buried by my emotions, or hidden by Satan to prevent my freedom. I choose to know the truth so that I can be free. I ask that the Precious Blood of Christ would cleanse me from the continual pressure of anxiety, and the mental and physical abuse that leads to a breakdown. I destroy this stronghold, and all ground that prevents me from leading a normal victorious Christian life, in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ.

I choose to break all torment of my soul by spirits of fear, ancestral or other wise. I release the Power of the Blood of Christ against you evil tormentors. I ask the Prince of Peace to have full residence and full Lordship over my mind, and that He expels these tormentors. I ask for a renewing of my mind, so that Jesus Christ can reign. Where I have accepted lies, or where my ancestors have embraced false ideas about Almighty God, I ask forgiveness. I declare that Jesus Christ is the Spirit of Truth, and He shall set me free.

I repent of all negativity, all self-pity, al inward looking, and introversion. I break your power. Lord Jesus I pull down the stronghold of fear of loosing loved ones, fear of failure, fear of rejection, and all other distorted views of life. I break and server all strongholds of fear and ask that the Perfect Love of Christ would overcome. I embrace Love, I receive Love, and I ask to be full of the Love of Christ.

I break and server all chains of bitterness in the ancestral line, and within myself I repent of holding on to the root of bitterness. (pray for any sin to be reviled). Where I am continually harassed by the powers of witchcraft, I break the stronghold of Jezebel in the ancestral line. I ask forgiveness for all sins of witchcraft that my ancestors or myself partook in. I cover them in the Blood of Christ, and close all doorways.

I lay the axe to the roots of anger and rage that causes me to be depressed or mentally unbalanced. I choose to allow only the Holy Spirit to control my life. I will take captive every thought and any thing that would exalt itself against the Knowledge of Almighty God. I declare that in the Name of Jesus Christ, I will reach my goals of living a victorious Christian life. I declare all enemies of the Lord Jesus Christ within me, you are defeated, and must gather your forces, shared or ancestral, and all your works, and depart from me (and my children if any) and go to where Christ would have you go. I close all doorways with the Blood of Christ, and ask for the filling of the Holy Spirit. Thank you Lord Jesus for this victory, and I stand by faith on the Rock of Christ, and will not be moved. AMEN