PETITION for lost souls.

Heavenly Father,You have placed the following people in my pathway not by coincidence but by Divine appointment so that their ears and eyes may be opened. That they might turn from the world of darkness to Your world of Light, for it is not Your wish that any should perish. I therefore hold the following lost souls before Your Throne of mercy and grace.


Almighty God, I recognize that these souls are under the bondage of unbelief and that the god of this world has blinded them. I pray in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ that the Voice of the Holy Spirit will silence the voice of our enemy, Satan, and his evil workers in the minds of those I pray for. I pray that the demonic influence over their lives would be nullified and that their souls would be set free.

As this is affected, I ask that the Holy Spirit of the Living God would move upon them to stir the desire for salvation, and to soften the resistance to the Truth of God, and make their souls sick of the habitual sin ruining their lives. I pray that the Holy Spirit will plant and water the seeds of truth of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Give me opportunities and Divine appointments to share the Word of God or my own testimony with those who are lost and on that road to eternal damnation.

{ pray only as prompted by the Holy Spirit }. As a blood bought believer in the Lord Jesus Christ, I take authority over the strongmen in { name } life and bind you aside. I command you in the Name of Christ to loose { name} to hear the truth. I weaken your power over { name} , you are a defeated foe and my enemy. I am the victor through the Blood of Christ.

Heavenly Father, I make this a continuing prayer from my spirit. May Your Kingdom increase and may Your Name be glorified. AMEN.