Note. This prayer will only be effective only after conditions for resisting the enemy are met, as in James 4: 6- 11.

1. Forsaking of pride.

(2.) Cleansing of all sin.

(3.)Unconditional commitment to the Lord Jesus Christ. These are the weapons of war that defeat the Devil.

Lord Jesus Christ, my High Priest, I invite Your Holy Spirit to convict me of any sin. Search me and highlight any wicked way in me. ( repent). I thank You for forgiveness and cleansing. I now put on Your Breastplate of Righteousness. I ask You to expose all schemes of Satan ever brought against me, through any source. (Name if possible) at any time. I ask You, Holy Spirit, to force into the Light of the Lord Jesus Christ, any Powers of darkness that oppress or harass me now.

I forsake ALL sin in my bloodline that has opened doorways for Satan. (Name any if possible). I now close those doorways with the Shed Blood of the Lord Jesus Christ. I also close them in my spouse and children. >p>I forsake all personal sin that may have given ground to satanic powers. (Name them) .I now reclaim that ground from Satan, and put it under the Precious Blood of Jesus Christ. Lord Jesus, I apply the Power of Your Name and Blood to remove from me and my spouse and children all consequences of evil. In Your Authority, I break the binding effect of all curses, (Name if possible, eg; hatred, incest, insanity, suicide, witchcraft, freemasonry, any cults, ect. ).

I break the power of any spells, charms, hexes, physic power, incantations of witches or warlocks, any evil thoughts coming from any person (name any source ).

I ask You, Lord Jesus Christ, to bind together all enemy spirits and their works that oppress and cause me to sin. Remove them from my life; deliver me from all their effects, so I can live a victorious Christian life, led by the Spirit of Almighty God. AMEM.

You may feel some feed back when you complete this prayer .

1. Clear , no feeling or oppression.

2..A clearing, lifting of oppression followed by peace, and joy.

3..Resistance. Prevail in prayer, increase power, read about the Blood of Christ in scripture.

4..Call for help if the symptoms continue to persist.