In the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ I declare an attitude of neutrality towards this gift of tongues until the truth concerning its source is ascertained. I give permission to the Spirit giving the tongue or any power of darkness that has invaded me to answer the questions truthfully, positively and clearly in English. I ask my Lord God to prevent me from answering the questions from my sub-conscious or conscience mind.

I declare before Almighty God that I will not answer the questions myself or give any answers prompted to my mind.I revoke any consent or ground I may gave given to Satan or his demons, knowingly or unknowingly by believing that ALL supernatural gifts are from God.

I hereby and renounce any allegiance I may have ever given to Satan. I refuse to be influenced or sued by him in any way. I acknowledge and appropriate the power of the shed blood of the Lord Jesus Christ to deliver me from any bondage.

I plead the merits of that transaction upon the Cross of Calvary whereby Satan and his demons become defeated foes. I take my stand upon the promises of God and His written Word. I renounce Satan and all his evil works. I choose to stand in victory with Christ from this time forward in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ AMEN !