Prayer by Candidate before Deliverance.

Heavenly Father, I come before You today through the shed blood of the Lord Jesus Christ. Father I know that I am hindered from being the disciple that You want me to be. I am here seeking to find the source that is hindering me from a closer relationship with the Living GOD.

Lord Jesus Christ, I believe that You died on the Cross so that I may be forgiven. You rose from the grave and now sit beside the Father in Heaven interceding for the Saints. I ask that the Holy Spirit lead me and guide me in this ministry today.

I revoke any consent or ground that I may have given to Satan, knowingly or unknowingly, I hereby renounce any allegiance I may have ever given to Satan and his demons. I refuse to be used or influenced by him in any way. I acknowledge and appropriate the power of the shed blood of the Lord Jesus Christ to deliver me from any bondage.

I give permission to the spirits that have invaded me to use my vocal chords and speak clearly and in English. I ask my Lord Jesus Christ to prevent me from answering the question put to these spirits from my own subconscious. I ask for the protection of the holy angels from Heaven as I proceed with my deliverance. I ask that all of what is done here today, honor and glorify the Lord Jesus Christ and His Kingdom. AMEN.