Prayer of Forgiveness.

Father God, I glorify your name. You alone are the Lord God! The Alpha and the Omega. Father, your mercy and grace poured from my Savior and God, Jesus Christ. By HIS blood I am forgiven and justified! I cover myself right now with your blood and call upon your mighty angels for protection and assistance. For it is written an angel of the Lord encamps around those who reverence thy name and delivers them. Thank you Lord for your angels and mercy.

I thank you Father for casting our sins as far as the east is from the west. Father, by faith and in the NAME OF JESUS CHRIST. I forgive those whom have hurt me, abused me, and debased me. Father. {Name them here}

I forgive those with I have resentments against. {Name them here} Father, I ask that you will touch their hearts, that you bless them with all Spiritual blessing in Christ Jesus, that they may know you as the Lord of their life! I ask you Father to forgive me for not forgiving them, in the name of JESUS CHRIST! I thank you Lord for allowing me to forgive them from my heart, for removing all resentment from me. In the name of Jesus CHRIST I ask you to heal my heart and soul!

Father, I cover all my unforgiveness with the blood of JESUS CHRIST. I seal all my unforgiveness with the Holy Spirit! Thank you Lord Jesus for your forgiveness, for the blood you shed on my behalf on the Cross of Calvary.

IN THE NAME OF JESUS CHRIST I bind all unclean spirits associated with unforgivness as one! I command them to leave me quietly and completely with all their works right now in the NAME OF JESUS CHRIST! Loose me; leave me now IN JESUS CHRIST’s NAME. I don't want you! I will not have you! Be gone right now in JESUS CHRIST’s NAME. You must leave now and go where He would send you! You cannot come back, IN THE NAME OF JESUS CHRIST! Thank you Father! Thank you JESUS! Thank you Holy Spirit! Father I ask that you fill every place and or part of my life with the Holy Spirit that was vacated by any demon.

May I live my life serving and bringing honor and glory to Your Kingdom. Amen.