Renounciation of Roman Catholic Rites and Rituals.

Dear Heavenly Father, I come to you in the Name of Your Son, the Lord Jesus Christ who shed His blood on the Cross for my sins. I recognize that I {or my ancestors} have been deceived by the Roman Catholic Church into believing it is a Christian Church. I have accepted it's teachings and rituals without checking in Your Word the Holy Bible.

Heavenly Father, I take accountability on behalf of my ancestors and myself for the sins committed against Your Holy Name. I claim back from the Devil each and every instance that I {or my ancestors} have given place to the Devil right from the first time that I {or my ancestors} bowed down to the pagan gods, Baal, Beezabub, and Ashtaroth, or making demonic sacrifices to Lucifer, the false god. Even if these sins go back further than the third or fourth generation, I claim the power of the cleansing blood of the Lamb of God over them.

I particularly renounce the rites and rituals of the Roman Catholic Church, the bowing down to graven images, the worship of Mary, the participation in the unholy Euchurist, the praying to Saints, and the saying the rosary and saying prayers to Mary the co mediator. I reject the teaching that the Pope is the Vicar of Christ, I reject the saying Masses for the dead and the teaching of purgatrory. I ask forgiveness of kissing the ring of any Bishop or priest, I cancel my Catholic baptism and conformation and any other ritual or iniatiation performed on or by me or done on my behalf by ancestors of family members. I break any bonds that hold me to the Catholic Church through marriage, communion, or sacraments.

I server all evil soulties established between myself, and my ancestors to any priest or nun, any Catholic relative or friend or any Catholic Saint. I repent of having Catholic statues, rosaries, or any other Roman Catholic items in my possession and promise to remove and destroy them.

I break any curse that has ever been placed upon my ancestors, my family or myself by praying to false gods and cancel out any dedication to Mary or other Saints that has existed from the first instance of rebellion and disobedience to Your Holy Word, Heavenly Father.

I break any Jesuit curse or deception over my family lineage and break the Jesuit stronghold over my name. I break the stronghold of fear that was placed upon my ancestors, my family or myself by the unholy Roman Catholic system. I refuse to feel guilty for leaving the Roman Catholic Church and refuse Satan permission to retaliate against my family or myself.

I thank You, Lord Jesus Christ for paying the penality for my sins on the Cross of Calvary, for shedding Your blood so that I may be forgiven. I now cover all these Catholic sins from my ancestors, my family and myself on either with that precious blood. I close all demonic doorways right from the very first time my ancestors bowed their knee to pagan gods up until this moment so that demons can no longer have access to myself or my family.

I command that all Catholic demons must come back from all my family bloodline including the children and grandchildren and also from the spouses. I command every demon from the Strongman down that you are bound by the blood of Christ into one unit and must leave me and go where Christ would have you go to. Leave me now in an orderly manner in the Name of Jesus Christ, my Lord.

I thank You, Heavenly Father for hearing my prayer and for the forgiveness and cleansing. I ask the Holy Spirit to heal any area where demons have caused damage and ask for the filling and sealing of the Holy Spirit. I ask that I may be made whole, body soul and spirit according to Your loving kindness.

May I begin serving You and honoring Your Kingdom from this moment onwards, and may I always glorify the Name of Your Son, the Lord Jesus Christ. AMEN.