Renounciation of Spirit of Addiction.

Lord Jesus Christ, I have come to see that I am enslaved by the addiction to……………………….. Lord Jesus You have purchased me and redeemed me by shedding Your precious blood on that cruel Cross of Calvary. I realize that Satan has a claim on my life through my addiction to ……………………. I have by my sin given him permission to invade my body, my mind and my emotions to use and abuse me. You say in Your Word that our body is to be the Temple of the Holy Spirit, not a residence for evil spirits.

Therefore I,…………………………………..{Full Name} choose to ask forgiveness for not only my sins of addiction but also for the sins of my ancestors, and I reclaim all ground given to the enemy through generational lines on both sides of my family, because You say in Your Word that the sins of the ancestors continue to the third and fourth and even further of those who do not love Christ. Every occasion that I or my ancestors have worshipped or served other gods, or have participated in occultic rituals, drank the cup of demons, or hallucinated on drugs or participated in sorcery, this ground I claim back from Satan.

I claim back ground for every time I have defiled my body by using……………………………. to numb my pain, or to escape into a drugged realm that belongs to the Devil. I ask forgiveness for allowing Satan’s demons to enslave me causing me to sin against Your Holy Name. Lord Jesus You came to set the captives free; You came to heal the broken hearted and to rescue lost sheep like me. I ask You Lord Jesus Christ that Your blood would cleanse me and make me whole again. I command all spirits of addiction to be brought together into one unit under the strongman of addiction in my generations. The demons must be recalled from every blood member of the family line from both sides of the generations. I ask the Holy angels of God to chain them together ready for the pit.

As a blood bought child of the Living God I now command all these defeated spirits of addiction, demons of death and destruction, and any other associated demons to leave me in an orderly manner and go to where Christ would send you, never to return to any human.

I ask Lord Jesus that all doorways be sealed by Your precious blood and that You give me the strength and will to resist any further temptations as Satan tries to retaliate against me. May I live my life each day to honor and glorify Your Holy Name and serve Your Kingdom as a shining light and witness to the changing power of Your Holy Spirit in my life. AMEN