Prayer for breaking Generational Curses.

Heavenly Father, I ...{Full Name} come before Your Throne in and through the Blood of Your Son, the Lord Jesus Christ. I submit myself afresh to You today asking that You will hear my petition.

I proclaim my hatred for sin and iniquity and my hatred for the Devil and all his works; they are my enemies.

I come to You Father, seeking to break myself and my family from all curses that my ancestors may have placed upon themselves and myself through their disobedience and willful acts of disobedience against Your Holy Name.

I take full accountability for all these sins on either side of my family line as far back as it needs to go, if necessary back to the beginning of time. I now renounce these dealings with the Devil, I confess them as sin and repent and forsake them all. I ask that You cover them with the precious blood of Your Son, the Lord Jesus Christ.

I forgive all my ancestors and all persons that have wronged me and placed a curse upon my family and myself. I ask Heavenly Father that You invoke a blessing upon them.

I believe that Your Son the Lord Jesus Christ became a curse for me on the Cross of Calvary nailing all ordinances, handwritings, and curses upon Himself. I now take the Sword of the Spirit and server my family and myself from all demonic ties, any curses, any hexes, any spells, any prayers or incantations done against my family or myself on behalf of the Devil.

I break away from my family and myself {name spouse and children} any witchcraft, divination, rebellion, fears and phobias, any bondage to addictions including, alcohol, drugs, and sexual perversions. I cancel all demonic ties to rituals and rites performed by Freemasons, Roman Catholic priests and nuns, any false religion, idol worship, and any thing that exalts itself above the pure devotion to the Lord Jesus Christ.

I renounce, break, cancel and server my family and myself {name spouse and children} to any physic and hereditary physic powers, all inherited curses, all bondage to physical and mental illness or infirmities caused by evil spirits. I cancel all premature deaths, and abortions. I break any marital curses including divorce, separation, adultery and fornication.

I now loosed my family {spouse and children} and myself completely from all these curses arising out of any involvement with the occult. I now proclaim myself and all under my authority free and free indeed we shall be through the blood of Christ.

Now by the authority I have in the Lord Jesus Christ, I command every strongman and every foul spirit that has operated through these curses and involvements in generational sin that you and all your works are defeated. I bind all strongmen and their workers with chains of fire and command that you all must come out of the family bloodline and myself into one unit in defeat.

I ask that, as many warrior angels as is needed come to escort these defeated demons to where Christ would send you. I command that you all leave now in an orderly manner never to return to myself and my family in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ.

I thank You, Heavenly Father for this deliverance, and ask the Holy Spirit to seal and heal every tear and wound made by these spirits. Please fill the void where these spirits have left. I ask now that all I say and do will honor and glorify Your Kingdom from now on. AMEN