About our Team.

Warriors4theLamb Ministry is a deliverance, healing and spiritual warfare ministry led by husband and wife team, Leigh and Linda Fuller.

Leigh was converted to Christ in 1984 after a long absence from His Kingdom walking in Satan's domain. His early years were spent in Crows Nest, a small town in Queensland, Australia and he has arrived in The USA in 2005 to marry Linda who he met on a Christian Mingle site in 2003.

He attended a local Methodist church taking part in services and youth groups and there was no doubt in his mind that he was saved and going to Heaven, until seduced away from the faith at the age of 19 by alcohol, fast cars and not so nice ladies.

A rough time with chronic back pain and medical drugs washed down with home made beer had him in a mess physically and emotionally. His wife,had converted to Christ and urged Leigh that Christ had the answer to his problems. Leigh still has back pain, but Christ has used this thorn in the flesh to strengthen his faith and endurance.

Upon conversion, he grew in spiritual strength quickly because firstly he had already in his mind stored information from his teaching in his early years in the church, and also under mentors like Rev Dr Allen Hall and his wife, Jo who were missionaries in the Solomon Isles and had a ministry in deliverance. Leigh and his family joined the local Wesleyan Methodist Church where he began his theology studies by correspondence. He became a local preacher and Bible Study leader. The family was used of by God to plant two Wesleyan Churches which grew through strong evangelism and witness in the community. Leigh had a burden to reach the less fortunate and often had them in the family home where they were shown first hand the love of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Leigh became involved in a Cult ministry, FACT Ministries where the team witnessed effectively to JWs, Mormons, and Freemasons. They ran seminars and actually went and knocked on the doors of Jehovah Witnesses. In 1988 Leigh was invited to attend a Spiritual Warfare Seminar in Brisbane, Australia where men with long experience in Warfare taught those led into this ministry. Men of God like Rev Ron Baker, Rev Bryce Hartin, and Allan Sampson had about 100 years of experience colectively dealing with demons and much of Leighs ministry has been tried and tested upon their teachings. Another man of God, Rev Ernest Rockstad provided more Biblical foundations and first hand recorded deliverance sessions where demons were being confronted. Ernest Rockstad pioneered the testing of supernatural tongues.

The Lord began to lead people to Leigh who were demonized. He never asked for this ministry but the Lord had prepared him for this specialized ministry. Leigh admits that he has been deceived in the past by demons, but has learnt through these trials to be very cautious and always ask the Holy Spirit for His discernment in each case.

Writers like Jessie Penn Lewis, War on the Saints, Mark Brubek, The Adversary, Neil T Andersons, Victory over the Darkness, also influenced his ministry.

Now 25 years later, Leigh and Linda are constructing this ministry website together, led by the Holy Spirit to be able to instruct and inform and offer help and hope to those troubled by demons. Satan has tried his best to keep Leigh and Linda apart, but his plans were overcome by a strong faith and a certainty that the Lord God had a plan and purpose to serve the Lord in this specialized ministry. Leigh and Linda were married in May 29th 2005.

Linda was born into a Roman Catholic family, and grew up in that religion, learning all about rituals and sacraments, but never knew the Lord. She stopped going to church and Mass in her late teens. She had no spiritual life at all until one day she found a tract in a department store, left undoubtedly by a committed Christian. The tract was about the Bible and the book of Revelation and the last days. Linda was fascinated by this and wanted to learn more.

Shortly after that, two Jehovah Witnesses came to the door. These two ladies shed more light on the Bible for Linda. She later learned there were serious errors in the Jehovahs Witnesses theology, but it began a desire to learn more about the Bible and God.

Linda married in 1977 and through an acquaintance of her husbands, began attending a small, independent Bible believing church. Through the years, she had a lot of good teaching in churches that were Bible based. She read much on her own, and her interest in the end times and Bible prophecy has never diminished.

In 1998, divorce ended a marriage that had produced three children. It was a time of enormous stress, pain and upheaval. Trying to cope with the children's emotions and her own difficulties, Linda began to feel that God had abandoned her. Out of that seed of doubt, came anger and eventually a slide away from the Lord and into the new age. It was a gradual slide, and she didn't even realize what was happening at first. Satan put a book in her path about mind power and gaining control over your life. That seemed just what Linda needed at the moment. This led to other books, and new friends she met eventually led her to psychics, who introduced her to tarot cards and many other occult things.

These things seemed good at first, they seemed to help. But over the course of three years, she eventually began to see the Devil's lies and began to feel very empty. She cried out to the God she had gone so far from in August of 2001, asking that if He cared about her, would He send a Christian to her.

Although she had been unfaithful to Him, He was faithful to her and sent a Christian to talk with her a few days later. Linda repented of her falling away and slowly began a new walk with the Lord. What amazed her was that despite her turning from Him, when the Lord restored her, she found she had a much closer and stronger walk with Him than she ever had previously.

Linda prayed for the Lord to bring a Christian man into her life. She joined an internet Christian dating site, but left it up to the Lord whether the right man for her was there.

God was good, and in 2003, the Lord brought Leigh into her life from the other side of His earth, first just through emails then phone calls. The relationship grew, and they married on May 29, 2005.

Linda has gone through deliverance with Leigh and has found freedom as the demons have been cast out and she has learned much about warfare herself. She desires to help Leigh in his deliverance ministry, so that others can experience the same relief and freedom that comes with dealing with the demonic influences in their lives. She knows from personal experience that people can be set free from Satan's snares, by believing the Bible, and that Jesus came to set the captives free.

For this purpose was the Son of God made manifest, to destroy the works of the Devil. 1 John 3:8